Our Mission

The Complete Sports Portal

Champions365.com is an independent global sports community website highlighting the very best of international sport. Live news feeds on all major events are coupled with extensive community applications, discussion boards, expert comments, multimedia and fantasy sports. Champions365 is the complete sports portal for a global audience.

Owned and run by the members

The 100% free website is owned and run by the members themselves and empowers fans by giving them an unrestricted voice to air all their views and opinions, and communicate with other fans from all over the world. Fans are able to join their favorite team’s group page, start their own groups and discussion boards and upload unlimited photos and videos.

Our Mission

Champions365 aim is to give sport back to the fans.

Champions365.com brings sport to sports fans 365 days a year 24/7. It is the place for sports fans to live and breathe sport with others. Champions365.com is the world’s premier online sports community site that has all the latest news stories from around the world of sport, igniting the debate for sports fans.

Free to Join

Anyone can join Chammpions365.com. It’s free and easy, all you need is a valid email address then it is up to you how much information you want to share with fellow sports fans. The more you do on Champons365.com the better your star rating becomes until you become a Champion User but we warn you, to become a true champion isn’t easy. It will take superior sports knowledge, great banter, structured argument and inspired debate.

Get the latest Sports News you want

At Champions365.com our goal is to provide the fans with the news, stories and results they want. As a member you can chose which live updates you receive on a number of sports. You can even receive the latest information from you favorite club. See how to customize your site here

Expert Views

Champions365.com brings you the best in sporting views. The best sports stars will feature on Champions365 to share their views with the sports fans. If you agree post a comment on our expert blogs or even if you disagree let others know.

Share Sports Stuff

Champions365.com allows you to share sports videos and photos from around the web in one place. The more you find and share the better your star rating. From the inspirational to the ridiculous it’s all on Champions365.com.

Meet fellow Fans

Not only can you meet your friends on Champions365.com, you can join your favorite club or sportsperson fan page and talk with like minded fans. Champions365.com has ready made fan pages for many sports. If you club isn’t there, simply create and customize your own fan page and choose the news you want for your page.